Book Cover Reveal!!

Here it is: THE book cover!

Like most authors, I was very nervous to open the file and see my cover for the first time. I closed my eyes, opened them slowly, and my immediate reaction was…


It’s hard to capture any book in a cover, and mine was no exception. Alina’s appearance changes over the course of the story, so which β€œoutcast” should be highlighted? I’ve always struggled to place it in a specific genre, so which elements (ya/fantasy/sci-fi/speculative/dystopian/romance) should be emphasized?

I shared my thoughts and ideas to Ashley Literski, the creative manager at Immortal Works and she did a fantastic job capturing all of them. Thank you Ashley! 

The Perfect Outcast, Book 1:

Seventeen-year-old Alina is the only imperfect person in a perfect world. On the surface, Pria is paradise: no hunger, no pain, not even death. Pria’s all-powerful ruler provides new thrills, constant pleasure, and eternal beauty. Every smile dazzles, every party delivers, and every young adult stops aging.

Except one.

Alina longs to fit in with her beautiful peers and dreams of connecting with the one boy who has been kind to her. But her flaws stand in the way. Fed up with her blunders and blemishes, her absence of friends, and her distant guardian, Alina seeks answers.

But behind Pria’s picture-perfect facade, unrest is growing, and the secrets Alina uncovers about her past are darkerβ€”and brighterβ€”than she ever imagined.

A mysterious birth. A corrupt scientist who creates life merely to rule it. A parallel world where dissenters are sent to die. And an innocent Alina at the center of a deadly conspiracy. Now the only imperfect person must discover the courage to free herself and those she loves before she is silenced forever.


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